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The Living Smart Foundation offers courses, workshops, books, curriculum, and customized programs during school, after school, on weekends, and in the summer.


All of the organization’s youth programs have been developed to teach entrepreneurship, business, and financial literacy education to youth ages 8 to adults. The organization is filling an important educational void by empowering youths and adults with the capacity for long-term self sufficiency.


Entrepreneurship education benefits youth by showing them how their academic studies affect their future ability to produce income. In an entrepreneurship classroom discussion, students can be shown how each subject in school relates to the way that business and industries operate and are developed. Students realize that an entrepreneur can’t have a successful company without knowledge of how their products are made and developed (science and chemistry), how to write a proposal or business plan (English composition), how to do accounting (math), and how the law pertains to industry (government and social studies).


Entrepreneurship education also gives students an edge in the work environment. It presents options besides being an employee with little opportunity and instills stronger leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving skills — all vital skills that employers highly value. Whether students ultimately become business owners or not, business and entrepreneurship training prepare them to be more valuable employees, better leaders in the community, and more responsible citizens.

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