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Code of Ethics

1. Integrity: Everything we say and do comes from a place of honesty and good intention. We deliver on what we promise. We communicate effectively and directly, and honor our agreements.


2. Education: As educators, we provide a safe environment where students can grow, learn and master their skills. We allow students opportunities to learn from their mistakes and make informed decisions they can apply today and in their future.


3. Community: We are community builders. We highly value the influence and connections we make between ourselves and our community.


4. Ownership: We take responsibility for our success and outcomes for everything that we do. We are accountable for our results and participation. We consistently look for solutions to problems or obstacles.


5. Fun: We create an inclusive atmosphere of fun and happiness for everyone around us.  We demonstrate an attitude of gratitude.


6. Trust: We enter all business relationships with clear, concrete, and honorable intentions. We provide an environment where students and employees can take the risk to be fully engaged, feel heard and respected, for their contributions.


7. Gratitude: We strive to provide a culture of appreciation. We value and respect all contributors and participants of the business. We show appreciation through inclusiveness, collaborative partnerships, reciprocation, outreach, volunteerism and support. We celebrate our wins for our students, vendors, partners, employees and the community.


8. Commitment: Our commitment is to always go above and beyond in all we do. We are 100% committed to the vision, mission, culture, and success for Living Smart, Farmers Markets, vendors, patrons and students.


9. Excellence:  We always deliver exceptional education, service, and events. We believe in long-term value and always look for ways to improve and do more with the resources available. We improve our educational experiences through innovation and creativity. Excellence in our relationships includes the highest quality customer service with business partners, vendors, students, employees, and our community.


10. Balance: We believe in spiritual, social, physical, intellectual, and financial balance, as important cornerstones to overall health and wellness. Through efficient systems at work, students and employees can have quality time for themselves and their families outside of work. As an organization, we strive for balance in relationships with each other and the work that we do with the community.

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