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FREE Workshops/Camps

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Due to COVID19 all in person workshops are temporarily unavailable.  We will soon be offering FREE online workshops, summer of 2021!  Stay Tuned!


The Living Smart offers free workshops and camps teaching financial literacy to teens ages 12 to 24.


All of the organization’s youth programs have been developed to teach entrepreneurship, business, and financial literacy education to youth ages 8 to adult. The organization is filling an important educational void by empowering youths and adults with the capacity for long-term self-sufficiency.


Entrepreneurship education also gives students an edge in the work environment. It presents options besides being an employee with little opportunity and instills stronger leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving skills — all vital skills that employers highly value. Whether students ultimately become business owners or not, business and entrepreneurship training prepare them to be more valuable employees, better leaders in the community, and more responsible citizens.


Contact us to inquire about the next workshops/camps we will be offering.  COMING SOON - FREE ONLINE WORKSHOPS!!


Don't forget, you can also book us to come speak at a special event or presentation or inquire about how to find our curriculum at a school near you.

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